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Is Future Given?




According to the classical points of view, nature would be an automaton. However, today we discover instabilities, bifurcations, evolution everywhere. This demands a different formulation of the laws of nature to inculude probability and time symmetry breaking. We have shown that the difficulties in the classical formulation come from a too narrow point of view concerning the fundamental laws of Dynamics (classical or quantum). The classical model has been a model of integrable systems (in the sense of Poincaré). It is this model, which leads to determinism and time reversibility. We have shown that when we leave this model and consider a class of non-integrable systems, the difficulties are overcome. We show that our approach unifies Dynamics, thermodynamics and probability theory.

Is Future Given, Ilya Prigogine (Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 1977), World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., Singapore, 2003, p., 8)

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